You’ve got to check out this video of Microsoft Co-founder, Paul Allen and his Band “On the Road to Nola!”–

Is that great or what?! 🙂

Next Tuesday, May 20th at 8 pm in the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Allen and his band will be among a number of cable industry musicians performing at NCTA’s “Battle of the Bands” Charity Fundraiser.  Proceeds from the Concert will go towards New Orleans schools and libraries, and to other organizations devoted to helping the city of New Orleans to rebuild.

A number of the bands performing that night have submitted their own version of “On the Road to Nola,” but you can imagine which one is my favorite! 🙂

Anyway, when you watch the video, keep in mind that the guy sitting in the driver’s seat of that beat up old VW van is one of the most powerful, influential people in the world.  (If you don’t believe me, just ask Time Magazine :-).


 Wow–what a great video!  Paul Allen must be a really down-to-earth guy to ham it up like that, you know?


(If you go to the concert,  you will have to bring a fully charged cell phone in order to vote on the best band.*  So…..since you’ve got your camera phone out anyway….what do you think? How about taking a photo or video clip of Paul Allen’s Band? Anyone?) 🙂


Apparently the concert will also be webcasted by Octoshape:

See.. ,

I’ll have to check it out on my Flipstart ….. 🙂