Sorry for being away for so long —-
I’ve been hanging with Brad and Angelina ……….,,20196636,00.html


Starting new companies……

Sticking up for my homeboys against the whole NBA (except for Mark Cuban ) ……….

Doing Some Remodeling ….
And Accepting Awards…………,28757,1733748,00.html?iid=redirect-time100
All of those awards…where in the world am I going to keep them all???

The truth is, I’ve just been really busy doing a lot of pretty mundane things.
This has been a quiet Spring for Microsoft Co-founder, Paul Allen, but I imagine that Allen’s most uneventful day would seem pretty exciting in comparison to mine. 🙂

Here is a quick glimpse of just a few of the things that Microsoft Co-founder, Paul Allen has been doing recently:
—– Paul Allen was one of only two NBA owners who voted against moving the Seattle SuperSonics team to Oklahoma as the new Sonics owners wanted.  As reporter John Canzano noted, although from a business standpoint Allen had the most to gain from a “yes” vote, he put his own interests aside, stood up to NBA Commissioner David Stern and 28 other NBA owners and voted “no” in the best interests of the people of Seattle.
That took guts. Way to go, Paul!
—–Allen’s Brain Institute is continuing to push the frontiers of Neurology, giving away expensively acquired medical research findings in order to help other researchers to find cures for diseases of the brain that much faster.  In March, Paul Allen’s Institute launched 3 new landmark Brain Atlas projects focusing on the human brain, developing brain and spinal cord. The projects “have vast potential to help scientists worldwide gain new insight into neurological diseases and disorders.”
In addition……

“The Institute will create three new Web-based atlas resources that map gene activity in the brain and spinal cord. These include an atlas designed to provide insight into gene expression in the human brain; an atlas of the developing mouse brain designed to illustrate and enhance understanding of gene activity across multiple stages of development from birth through adulthood; and an atlas of the mouse spinal cord designed to inform research into spinal injuries due to disease, disorder or trauma.

The new atlases will be officially known as the Allen Brain Atlas (ABA)—Human Brain, ABA—Developing Mouse Brain, and ABA—Mouse Spinal Cord. Upon completion, the atlases will be made publicly available on the Internet at no charge to users to encourage widespread use and scientific collaboration.”

Although the Brain Institute’s latest developments have not been met with as much fanfare as the first time it made a major scientific breakthrough, Time Magazine has not forgotten to recognize Allen for his achievements. This is the second year in a row that Time Magazine has nominated Paul Allen as one of its “100 Most Influential” (for 2008).  Check it out below: (Excerpt written by Thomas Insel and Story Landis)
“If the brain is science’s great frontier, you need someone to lead the expedition—someone with smarts and curiosity, not to mention a large bank account to finance the journey. In the terra incognita of the brain, that’s Paul Allen.  Co-founder of Microsoft, owner of three sports teams and lead backer of SpaceShipOne, which in 2004 made the first private manned space flight, Allen, 55, is also head of the Allen Institute for Brain Science, which was founded in 2001 with the goal of mapping the brain, cell by cell and gene by gene. His scientific team began with the mouse brain and finished the job in 2006, posting all the data online. Scientists everywhere now have a free neural GPS to learn where and how specific genes are expressed—a vital tool for studying similar functions in human brains.The institute has now begun its own effort to map human gene expressions, hoping for insight into the molecular basis of consciousness and creativity. Allen founded his institute in the belief that with the right tools you can transform the speed of science itself. Not many people accomplish that even once. Allen is doing it yet again.”,28804,1733748_1733754_1735855,00.html  *
—– And this is not the only honor that Allen will be receiving in May.
At the NCTA conference this month, Allen will be among those receiving the cable industry’s top honor, the Vanguard Award for Distinguished Leadership, which is “presented annually to individuals who excel in both business and personal commitment to their colleagues, and whose accomplishments merit the recognition of the entire cable industry.”
 Watch for the “battle of the bands” during the conference, which will include a performance by Paul Allen’s band. .
(BTW—-If you’ve been invited and have a video camera, please, please, please use it that night, ok? We seriously need a Youtube of Paul Allen in concert! 🙂
I’ve already found a few videos of my favorite musician on the Web—but could certainly use another one… 🙂
Check out these links: 
(Paul is the guy in the baseball cap)
Ok, the video above is pretty cool—Allen is performing with Spinal Tap and a number of other musicians during last year’s Live Earth Concert at Wembley Stadium in London. But it’s also impossible to tell whether Allen is a good guitarist or not in the midst of so many rock musicians.
So—check out this video from 1995—many, many years ago. Here is Paul Allen back in his bearded days, performing with “The Paul Allen Group” at a Ticketmaster event in Santa Barbara, California. It’s absolutely priceless, and you’ve got to admit, this guy plays a pretty mean guitar! 🙂
And here is one more site to check out for a taste of Allen’s own music.  Most of the songs on this album were written by Allen, and all of them were performed by his band, Grown Men.
What else?
In April, Paul Allen was awarded an honorary Ph.D in Science from the Watson School of Biological Science in Cold Spring Harbor, New York.  In addition, during the last few months he has been founding startups, buying up wireless airwaves, donating to charities, “scouting” in Spain for his Trail Blazers, and basically having a really good time, as you can imagine!
What a remarkable life!
*(BTW—It is interesting to note how Time defines “Influential.”
“The TIME 100 is not a hot list. It’s a survey not of the most powerful or the most popular, but of the most influential. Influence is hard to measure, and what we look for is people whose ideas, whose example, whose talent, whose discoveries transform the world we live in. Influence is less about the hard power of force than the soft power of ideas and example.”)