Paul Allen wants a space ship for Christmas—a full size, fully operational space ship of his very own. He also wants a machine that can make stuffed animals come alive.

Check out this article:

 ‘Dear Santa’: Kids ask for their heart’s desire” See.. the article:
December 24, 2007) — “Whittling down a wish list can be tough for a wide-eyed child at Christmas.
But some kids aren’t that picky.“Dear Santa, You can bring me whatever you want, because I like everything,” writes 5-year-old Sophia Triassi of Greece………..…..Some letter writers showed their artistic side by offering illustrations of their Christmas wish. Take Paul Allen of Geneseo, Livingston County, for instance. “For Christmas I want a reel spas ship — like the one on the back — and a machine that can turn stuff anmls too life,” writes Paul, 8, a second-grader at Geneseo Elementary School. Paul’s mom, Deb Allen, says Paul has acquired an interest in Star Trek during the past year.“I dunno if he thinks he’s gonna get one with warp drive,” says Allen of Geneseo. “He insists it’s gonna be full-size. I said, ‘Now, where are you gonna store this? Santa’s not gonna fit that under the tree.’ He said, ‘He can put it in the front yard, that’s OK.'”  

Of course, the person who asked Santa for a full-sized space ship is Paul Allen, a second-grader from Geneseo Elementary School, not Microsoft Co-founder, Paul Allen.  The latter wouldn’t put a space ship on his Christmas list because he already has one.


In fact, Santa Claus may have a hard time this year trying to find the perfect gift for the Microsoft co-founder, because there aren’t many things in the world that this Paul Allen doesn’t already own.


 Can you imagine having the Microsoft Co-founder on your Christmas list?

What do you get a guy who already has everything?

To begin with, it’s a good bet that whatever most people could afford is probably a lot less than what Allen spends just filling up his Megayacht, Octopus. A mere tank of gas for his 414 ft yacht will set you back at least $150 thousand dollars.


And I’m thinking that he probably already has enough ties.

So what are some other options? Sports, maybe?…..Let’s see, he already has a football team and a basketball team—what about a Soccer team?

Nope, he just bought one of those a few months ago.  

And the “Pharoah of the Pacific Northwest” doesn’t need anymore real estate.  

He’s got a killer art collection…..

See…. ….and a really nice guitar—well, actually, quite a few really nice guitars.. See…  

And though a model airplane might make a good gift, Allen already has a few of those. His collection of World War II planes is just as nice as you can get —especially when you consider that the planes he owns are also full size and fully operational. See…


So there isn’t much that you could get Paul Allen that he doesn’t already own. 

But I have an idea about what might be the perfect gift for him—something he really, really wants. 

 If you happen to have a few billion dollars to spare and are an ace at bidding at auctions, Paul Allen could really use a few wireless airwaves. See, there’s this FCC auction coming up next month, and the new 700 MHz band airwaves would match perfectly with the licenses he bought just about 5 years ago……

Check it out—   

Just an idea… J

But to be serious for just a moment, I do hope that you all have a wonderful, blessed, and happy Christmas!!!

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