So what is artist Andy Warhol’s connection to Microsoft Co-founder, Paul

Well, there are a few…..

  When I started this game, the fun was in discovering that I could actually find a connection between Paul Allen and pretty much anyone in the world. But what has surprised me the most is just how many connections you can find between people if you really try, especially when it comes to Paul Allen, who seems to be connected to everybody on the planet or off as the case may be:-). In the past we’ve found links between Paul Allen and a number of people, including John Steinbeck, Mark Twain, President Franklin Pierce, Nelson Mandela and Carl Sagan.   In the future, we’ll connect Allen to Albert Einstein, architect Frank Gehry, writer Robert Fulghum (All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten) and President Abraham Lincoln.  So now the real challenge is not in finding the connections, but in listing them all before you start getting bored….  …which may have already happened :-), so without further ado….  Here are Andy Warhol’s connections to Paul Allen:  

To begin with, the Allen Family Foundation seems to be donating to the same charities as Andy Warhol’s Foundation—see…..  (Scroll down to PICA Lands More than Pints; Feb.22, 07)


 But the real person to person connections begin with one of Paul Allen’s best friends, musician Dave Stewart (Eurythmics).  Stewart owns a Warhol self-portrait (see “Good Medicine” by Miranda Sawyer), but his connections only begin there.*   Dave Stewart, a good friend of Paul Allen’s is a Warhol fan, who has collaborated on music-related projects with a number of Andy Warhol friends, especially those in the music business, including Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger and Lou Reed.*   In fact, Stewart is such a fan that a few years ago he wanted to recreate Warhol’s creative arts studio, “The Factory,” at an old abandoned maternity hospital in Covent Garden*1.   From “Who Will be Admitted to the Hospital?” The Evening Standard: “DAVE Stewart has a plan to turn himself into the Andy Warhol of London with a grand new scheme. It’s called The Hospital and it opens next week, a 100 million club dedicated to creating new film, music, and TV – not to mention drug-crazed, sex-fuelled revelry. Well, that might be stretching it. But ex-Eurythmic Stewart says: “When I first stood outside the building I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to have a modern-day version of The Factory?”*1 

  St. Paul’s  18th century maternity hospital in Covent Garden, formerly the birthplace of new Londoners, became the birthplace of new ideas in 2003 due to the vision of Dave Stewart and another ” St. Paul”—-Microsoft’s Paul Allen. Allen purchased the vacant hospital building back in 1996, and one day his friend, Dave Stewart looked at the old run down structure that had become a vagrant hideaway and envisioned a new future for the place: a creative artists’ mecca patterned after Andy Warhol’s  prolifically creative New York City studio, The Factory.* Stewart and Allen named their new creative arts center,  “The Hospital.”  See…  In addition to spawning creativity, the Hospital also has a private members club that has become a celebrity hotspot. Celebrity sightings have included Brad Pitt, Dennis Hopper, Mick Jagger, Bono, Demi Moore, Deepak Chopra… And Scarlett Johansson Of The Perfect Score.  The Hospital opened in 2003 with a grand party to celebrate the event. A number of celebrities attended the festivities, including Mick and Bianca Jagger’s daughter, model Jade Jagger, Sienna Miller who portrayed Warhol’s muse Edie Sedgwick in the recently released “Factory Girl” and her one-time beau Jude Law. Paul Allen, his sister Jo Allen Patton and friend Dave Stewart were also there at the party and seemed to be having a good time:   Here is the link to the Hospital party photos ….(press forward arrow on the right upper corner)|1&axs=0|3156447%2c3156442%2c3156437%2c3156436%2c3156432%2c3156429%2c3156423%2c3156421%2c3156413%2c3156409%2c3156403%2c3156401%2c3156397%2c3156391%2c3156390%2c3156389%2c3156386%2c3156382%2c3156381%2c3156380%2c3156379%2c3156374%2c3156369%2c3156365%2c3156361%2c3156359%2c3156356%2c3156348%2c3156346%2c3156345%2c3156341%2c3156338%2c3156332%2c3156330%2c3156326%2c3156321%2c3156319%2c3156312%2c3156308%2c3156305%2c3156303%2c3156301%2c3156300%2c3156296%2c3156292%2c3156290%2c3156280%2c3156275%2c3156271%2c3156268%2c3156262%2c3196789%2c3196785%2c3196746%2c3196741%2c3196737%2c3196717%2c3196708%2c3196705%2c3196702&id=3156429    


 Paul Allen can also be connected to Andy Warhol through the Jagger family. The Jagger family was very close to Andy Warhol.  Bianca Jagger was a good friend of Warhol’s, even after her divorce from Mick. *2 And even Jagger’s longtime girlfriend Jerry Hall seems to have enjoyed Warhol’s company.*3  Mick and Bianca’s daughter Jade Jagger knew Andy Warhol when she was a child, and was even rumored to have been babysat by him once or twice.*4  And  then, of course, there is Mick Jagger, Warhol’s friend and subject of some of his most famous works: *5  So Andy Warhol is connected to the Jagger family within 1 degree.  But the Jagger family is also connected to Paul Allen within 1 degree as well.  To begin with, Mick Jagger was rumored to have been a guest at Paul Allen’s Beverly Hills home not too long ago for an Allen fundraiser focused on bringing the Olympics to LA in 2016.*6  
And that’s not Allen’s first contact with Jagger. Among other musicians like Carlos Santana, Peter Gabriel and Dave Stewart, Allen has performed with Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger,
 including collaborating in the making of a video several years ago for the opening of a Covent Garden Creative Arts Hotspot,  again, the Hospital. The video reportedly included Jagger, Dave Stewart and Paul Allen jamming out a performance together. *7   Allen has other ties to the Jagger family too. In the late 90’s when Mick Jagger and his longtime girlfriend Jerry Hall split, Allen, a friend of Jerry’s, offered her a shoulder to cry on. In fact, there were some pretty widespread rumors going around at that time of a romance between Hall and Allen.*8    So the Jagger family connects  Paul Allen to Andy Warhol within 2 degrees.  But again, why stop there? So here are a few other connections through mutual friends and acquaintances…  


 One link from Paul Allen to artist Andy Warhol can be found through Rolling Stone photographer Annie Leibovitz. Look at this photograph Leibovitz took of the Pop artist, apparently at the same time Warhol was photographing her—  See…………….  Other Leibovitz photos include John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi (The Blues Brothers),  not to mention Scarlett Johansson, of the Perfect Score.  Leibovitz also has ties to Paul Allen through the Hospital:*9    “Annie Leibovitz: American Music” debuted at the Hospital in 2004, the second show to be held at that venue.   There are also connections through Leibovitz via Rolling Stone magazine founder,  Jann Wenner. Wenner gave Leibovitz her start as a photographer for Rolling Stone, including her first assignment—photographing John Lennon. Two years later Wenner made Leibovitz Rolling Stone’s chief photographer.  Jann Wenner also knows Paul Allen and was even invited to a weekend trip aboard Allen’s yacht awhile back.    


  The Velvet Underground— Andy Warhol ventured into music as well, managing John Cale, Lou Reed and the rest of The Velvet Underground rock band in the 70’s…*10   A member of the Velvet Underground band, Lou Reed was also a guest at Allen’s Alaskan party aboard the Crystal Harmony, a luxury cruise ship in 1998 .  There were rumors of late night jam sessions aboard ship with Allen, Lou Reed and Little Feat. According to another Rolling Stone author, Jeff Goodell, one night Allen got up on stage with Lou for a rendition of  “Walk on the Wild Side.”*11      


 There are quite a few connections between Warhol and Allen through musician, Bob Dylan.*12  Dylan and Warhol were friends who hung around with the same crowd.  See..Warhol and Dylan (Elvis portrait in the background) Andy Warhol even did a screen test of Bob Dylan.   Bob Dylan was also a good friend of Warhol’s muse, socialite Edie Sedgwick.   See the movie, “Factory Girl.”   Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger were friends of Andy Warhol and hung around the same jetset crowd. Here they are many years later performing together at a concert.See… =   Paul Allen has a direct connection to Bob Dylan through his movie production company, Vulcan Productions.  “No Direction Home”, a terrific movie about Bob Dylan, was produced by Paul Allen’s Vulcan Productions, and was also directed by Paul Allen’s friend, Martin Scorsese.     But Paul Allen is also connected to Warhol through Bob Dylan via a few of his friends:  Paul Allen’s friend, Gina Gershon once knocked Bob Dylan out in a boxing match:*13  See…  And she and Bob Dylan still keep in touch….  Allen’s friend, Dave Stewart produced records by Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin and Mick Jagger—*14    And Allen’s good friend, Robbie Robertson performed with Bob Dylan in the legendary rock group, The Band, during their 1974 concert tour.*15     In fact, on Thanksgiving Day in 1976, The Band performed a farewell concert after 16 years of touring, with celebrated guests that included Eric Clapton, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison and Ringo Starr. The concert was filmed by Paul Allen’s friend, director Martin Scorsese, who included a number of interviews. Released in 2002, “The Last Waltz” was hailed as one of the greatest concert films ever made.

  And now let’s connect Paul Allen to Andy Warhol through a few of Warhol’s most famous paintings:  


Warhol’s Aretha…/id/3561   One of Aretha Franklin’s links to Paul Allen can be made through Allen’s friend, Blues Brother Dan Aykroyd.  Here is a clip of Aretha Franklin singing with The Blues Brothers in the movie,
Blues Brothers 2000.”   And here is why she is called “The Queen of Soul” =   Natural Woman from a younger Aretha Franklin = = Chain of Fools   


Here is one of Warhol’s most famous paintings—the Campbell’s Soup Can.  How do you connect a Campbell’s Soup Can to Microsoft Co-founder, Paul Allen? Well, I’d bet a million dollars  that Allen has had at least one bowl of Campbell’s soup in his lifetime— and maybe he’s even used one of Campbell’s cream soups in his family’s Fresh King Salmon Cakes and Creamed Peas, recipe.  But there is a better link between Campbell’s Soup and Allen, who also happens to be the owner of  the Seattle Seahawks football team.   In 1997, Allen bought the Seahawks from previous owner Ken Behring after Behring absconded with the football team, taking it from Seattle to L.A. Allen’s purchase kept the team in Seattle, and the fans have been grateful ever since—especially a couple of years ago when Allen took the team to the SuperBowl. Seahawks Quarterback, Matt Hasselbeck was chosen as a Campbell’s Chunky Soup spokesperson, and he and his mother have appeared in commercials for the company. *16 


 Warhol’s Elvis Presley   Presley can be linked to Paul Allen because:  Elvis starred in “Viva Las Vegas” with Ann Margret, who starred in “Grumpier Old Men” with Daryl Hannah, who was a guest at Paul Allen’s first Hollywood party in 1996 at his villa in the south of France.  And here are a few great Elvis songs: Hound Dog Heartbreak Hotel from the 50’s   


 Andy Warhol’s Mickey Mouse   Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse was another popular Warhol. Allen can be connected to Warhol through Mickey Mouse via the Disney Corporation. Mickey Mouse was invented by Walt Disney, the founder of Disney Corp, and one of the very first entertainment websites on the web, called Starwave, was sold to the Disney Company in 1998. Starwave was founded by Microsoft Co-founder, Paul Allen.*17   (And here are a few videos of  the Mickey Mouse cartoon from 1929!) Mickey Mouse solo 1929 Mickey Mouse Haunted House 1929     


 One of Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe Paintings:   Movie icon Marilyn Monroe starred in “Some Like it Hot” with actor Tony Curtis, father of Jamie Lee Curtis. Jamie Lee Curtis starred  in “True Lies” with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who recently attended the Damien Hirst exhibit at the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills on February 22, 2006, ironically 20 years to the day after Andy Warhol’s death. Also in attendance at that same exhibit that very day was Microsoft Co-founder, Paul Allen.  See…     And here are a couple of great Youtube videos of Marilyn Monroe: Happy Birthday, Mr. President  Montage of photos   


Andy Warhol’s Jackie Kennedy:–10071320/sp–A/Jackie_1964.htm  Paul Allen can be connected to Jackie Kennedy because Paul Allen’s friend, President Bill Clinton met Jackie’s husband, John F. Kennedy personally and shook hands with him at the White House in 1963 when he was invited there as a representative of Boy’s Nation. See…     And….  (See Making the JFK Connection….Answers to John F. Kennedy)    And here are a few tributes to the couple: Tribute to John and Jackie Kennedy      


Andy Warhol’s Portrait of Dennis Hopper    A guest at Allen’s Covent Garden Hospital, Hopper was also a guest at Allen’s 1998 four-day party cruise on the Crystal Harmony that went from Juneau, Alaska to Prince Rupert, Canada, down the Inside Passage.*18       


 Warhol’s Portrait of Michael Jackson,16641,19840319,00.html   Paul Allen is connected to Andy Warhol through Michael Jackson because Jackson starred in the movie, “Men in Black” with actor Will Smith. Will Smith was the voice of Oscar the Shark Slayer in DreamWorks’ movie, “Shark Tales.” Paul Allen has an interest in DreamWorks and used to be the movie studio’s largest shareholder. Thriller  


 Warhol’s John Lennon of The Beatles      One connection between Beatles’ Paul McCartney  and Microsoft Co-founder, Paul Allen is that McCartney was one of Allen’s guests at his lavish St. Petersburg party in 2001.  Here is a video of the Beatles in the 60’s singing “Help.”

 —————————————————————————– —————————————————————————–

So those are the links between Microsoft Co-founder, Paul Allen and artist Andy Warhol.  But there is one more connection to make, and it has something to do with our next 6 degree link, architect Frank Gehry.    Paul Allen is connected within one degree to architect Frank Gehry through this one venue. But he’s also connected to Andy Warhol within one degree through the same place. In fact, this locale connects most of the people whom we’ve talked about here within one degree to Paul Allen—
Annie Leibovitz, Robbie Robertson, Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Dan Aykroyd, Dave Stewart, Lou Reed, The Velvet Underground, Elvis Presley and even Mickey Mouse.
 If you’re from Seattle, this is a no-brainer. But just for fun I’ll give you one more clue.:-) Think of a place that embodies this famous quote from Johann Wolfgang
von Goethe better than nearly anywhere else you can imagine:

“Architecture is Frozen Music”

Stay tuned for the answer…..

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  FOOTNOTES: See this article from London’s The Independent: “He’s Mr. Know-them-all There’s Dylan, naturally. Jagger, McCartney and Ferry, too. And Annie Lennox, obviously. Any musician with their place in pop history has worked with, been mates with, or been married to Dave Stewart. That, and 40 million record sales as a Tourist and a Eurythmic, should be enough for any man. But it’s not, of course. Which is where three All Saints and a new British movie come in…”
 5/8/2000 by John Walsh  *.( Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart Write and Record Three Original Songs for Soundtrack of Paramount Pictures’ 2004 Release ‘Alfie’ Starring Jude Law. From: PR Newswire, April 30, 2004.) *1See…. Who’ll be admitted to The Hospital? Scene Heard
Source: Evening Standard – London
Date: 10/16/2003
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know Allen has an elevator in his Beverly Hills home that moves sideways?:) 
 *7 (See: “Good Medicine” by Miranda Sawyer)  *8 See… And….“I’M ALL RIGHT NOW, MICK; Jerry’s new man is 28 times richer, nine years
younger…and he’s not a bad guitar player either.”(Features)
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(Note: Fun reading for everyone but Mick Jagger 🙂  *9 See… REVIEWS: SPOTLIGHT ANNIE LEIBOVITZ’S AMERICAN MUSIC  The Independent (London), March 12, 2004 by Sue Hubbard   *10  *11  .And Inside the World of Paul Allen by Jeff Goodell, Rolling Stone Magazine 6/22/00  Lou Reed to Paul Allen More Lou Reed  *12   Bob Dylan—  *13 (from this “Interview” magazine interview with Gina Gershon. Interestingly enough, Andy Warhol founded “Interview” magazine years ago.)  *14  See…Banana DRAMA; SIOBHAN FAHEY was the most beautiful singer in 1980s band Bananarama, and then lived a gilded life when she married Eurythmics legend Dave Stewart. After she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital they split up. She tells SPENCER BRIGHT how she finally found out who she really is, WEEKEND.
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