Paul Allen’s Vulcan has just ruined one of my best excuses.

“So when’s the new book coming out?” people would ask me… And I’d say, “Well, as soon as Vulcan releases the FlipStart…..”

I thought I was safe until yesterday, when Vulcan leaked the story that Paul
Allen’s cool blue mini-pc is coming out this month.
 The FlipStart will be available on March 27th online at

The official announcement won’t be made until later—possibly even later today—but here are
some links to a few sneak previews:,129634/printable.html# 

The quick specs are:

Dimensions: 5.9” by 4.5” by 1.6” with a 5.6” display.Weight: 1.5 lbs Has a battery life of about 3.5 hours and will run
Windows Vista or XP Pro.
It has a 30 GB HDD, a 1.1 GHz Intel Pentium M processor and 512 MB

Internet Connection: Built-in high speed cellular connection (EVDO) and
Wi-Fi. It also has Bluetooth.


Paul Allen, in his characteristically prescient way, thought up the
mini-pc idea before mini-pc’s were cool.
In January of 2003 at the Consumer Electronics show, he gave us a first glimpse of the ultra light computer that he had envisioned at least 18 months before.*   At the 2004 DEMO conference, he
had us all salivating over the tiny prototype he held in his hands—a
ridiculously lightweight, 30 GB, full blown computer.

But after the DEMO conference was over, the FlipStart wasn’t released
for a long time. For some reason Allen felt he needed to wait and make a
few refinements. So we waited too. The Microsoft Co-founder, a
perfectionist, has had a bit of success in the micro-computer industry,
so it may well be that the finished product coming out now will be worth the wait. 
  Check out this FlipStart demonstration on Youtube—the device does look pretty cool 🙂 

 I have a few pc’s at home, including one that is considered ultra portable
(window shopping at Fry’s electronics is my idea of fun:). But I still
haven’t found the perfect combination of size and function.
There are a number of interesting options out there,
but it would be nice if the FlipStart ended up being the mini-pc I’ve
been looking for all along. Whatever happens, I can’t wait to get my hands on one,
you know?


Maybe it will help me to finally finish that book, now that I’m all out
of excuses…..:)


(* (BTW—the Andy Warhol links are coming soon—I promise!:)