I got a kick out of something I saw on Youtube the other day and wanted to share it with you. 

Basically it’s a video of the iPhone as described by Saturday Night Live’s version of “Steve Jobs.” 

I’ve been trying to link the video, relevance-wise with the topic of this blog, and so far haven’t succeeded.     I have made a few attempts, though…..and this is all I’ve come up with… 

Saturday Night Live Alum Dan Aykroyd spent Superbowl last weekend with Microsoft Co-founder, Paul Allen*, but the question on everybody’s mind this week is:   

Where will Aykroyd be on Darwin Day?*1 

If he’s with Paul Allen, he’ll be spending time near Darwin’s old stomping grounds—way, way down south, cruising from Ushuaia, Argentina to Antarctica,  and sailing through the Antarctic Peninsula for a week or so aboard Allen’s megayacht, Octopus…*2 

…and speaking of Saturday Night Live stars, here’s a video…….yada…yada….yada…. 

That really was as bad as it sounded, wasn’t it?:-) 

Someday I will do a series on “Connecting the Dotcoms” which will include linking Microsoft’s Allen with Apple’s Steve Jobs within 6 degrees.   Someday… 

But for now…..since I can’t think of anything good to say, I might as well just stop talking and let you enjoy the video…:-)  


  (BTW—No insult intended Mr. Jobs. 🙂 The iPhone sounds cool with or without the 2 billion songs…) 


* http://www.wireimage.com/SearchResults.aspx?igi=258145&s=dan%20aykroyd&sfld=C&vwmd=e *1 http://www.darwinday.org/ *2  http://www.theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=37455 ;   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beagle_Channelhttp://www.mercopress.com/vernoticia.do?id=9800&formato=HTML; http://www.literature.org/authors/darwin-charles/the-voyage-of-the-beagle/chapter-10.html; http://www.tierradelfuego.org.ar/webcam/ (Allen’s yacht has been spotted in the area, at least:-).