O.k., so now you know the rest of the story. 🙂


 If you guessed that Paul Allen’s link to General William Tecumseh Sherman had something to do with the Civil War, you were right.


Thomas Gardner,* a Union soldier who fought in the Civil War, was Microsoft Co-founder, Paul Allen’s great grandfather.


Gardner fought in the remarkable Battle of Allatoona Pass and was one of the men who was told to “hold the fort” by  General W.T. Sherman.  


Sherman also gave a commendation to General Corse and the men who fought at Allatoona (including Gardner) on October 7th of 1864 for defending the fort in that battle.


After the war, General Corse went on to marry the niece of  America’s 14th President, Franklin Pierce.*



Special thanks to Dale Talkington,  who very kindly, generously and masterfully provided the research information regarding Paul Allen’s ancestors, including the Civil War history of Thomas Gardner.   Dale is the author of a number of  books, including “Gardens of Stone, Harper County, OK,” “Anadarko: Days of Glory,” The Long Blue Line, Civil War Union Soldiers and Sailors Buried in Oklahoma,” and numerous other publications.

His website can be found at:http://home.comcast.net/~dale1878/


* The “great-grandfather” connection is at least within 3 degrees—Paul, his mother (1), her father (2), and her father’s father (3). From Thomas to Corse is one more (4) and from Corse to Franklin Pierce’s niece is 2  more—within 6 degrees.

From Thomas to W.T. Sherman is also 4, since there was a direct connection between Sherman and his men.