Is it cheating to go back in time?


I hope not, because I want to make a connection between Paul Allen and the most obscure and best-looking President in American history, and that guy was around a long, long time ago.



I know what you’re thinking…. and no, the best-looking U.S. President was not Bill Clinton* or George W. Bush,* or even John F. Kennedy, whom many would have picked as #1.



“They” say the best-looking President in U.S. history was actually one of the first score of American Presidents, Franklin Pierce.





I know—I can’t believe it either.  I even had to check on whether there actually WAS a President named Pierce, and sure enough, he’s #14—the U.S. President who served from 1853 to 1857.


So why should I care about someone who hasn’t been a political force in the world for 150 years, you ask?  Good question. 

Maybe it’s cheating, and maybe you still don’t care:-), but what the heck—the reason why I care is because there’s a connection—within 6 degrees of separation—between 14th U.S. President Franklin Pierce and Microsoft Co-founder, Paul Allen.



This is a tough one—so tough that I’m wagering that even Paul Allen himself won’t know the answer to this question unless he’s done some digging into his family’s history.



So I’ll give you guys two weeks vs. one to come up with the answer, o.k.?



And while we’re at it, maybe we can throw in another guy from the 1800’s who has a within 6 degree connection to Paul Allen—


Civil War Commander, Major General William Tecumseh Sherman.




But since we’re waiting 2 weeks for the answers to these questions, why not do a quick six degrees connection for next week?



O.k., so here it is….



What is Microsoft Co-founder, Paul Allen’s connection to Napoleon Dynamite?


Answers to follow in one week……


*Sorry, guys….