What is your Quest? 

Have you found the answer?

It is really very simple.

 The closest connection between Microsoft Co-founder, Paul Allen and John “it’s just a flesh wound” Cleese can be found at:




In other words, the answer is on Paul Allen’s Portland Trailblazers site. 

A couple of years ago the Blazers did their own version of six degrees of separation and connected Paul Allen and some of the players and staff to all sorts of people (o.k., so maybe I’m not the first person on the planet to come up with the six degrees idea:-).

But Paul’s connection to John Cleese started out with the guy who wrote “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”—

Writer and Director, Douglas Adams.

Paul Allen was in a fascinating documentary about the birth of the
computer, “Triumph of the Nerds.”  

That movie was directed by Douglas Adams (1) who has been involved in a lot of very cool movies, including “The
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,”  “Rockstar” and the series “Monte Python’s Flying Circus,”  which always prominently (and hilariously) starred John
Cleese (2).

So that’s the easiest connection.  But you know I can’t stop there:-).  I’ll venture just a little farther to just a few more connections—

just a few, o.k.?:-)

In addition to Douglas Adams, fellow Pythonite “Brave, Brave Sir Robin”, Eric Idle, has been a
guest at Allen’s parties, most notably one that I wish I had been invited to aboard a luxurious yacht that sailed from Helsinki to Russia in August of 2001.

You think your parties last a long time? Well, this one lasted an entire weekend, and the guests, an eclectic, remarkably accomplished group of celebrities, were treated like royalty every minute of the trip.



In the words of Sir Robin himself (blogging a few years ago about his trip):

“As to my private visit to Helsinki, I was there with Martha Stewart two
years ago….

….I was also with Deepak Choprah*, although he mistook me for Jim
Watson (honestly Deepak, do I look eighty). Dr. Watson was there, yes the
great discoverer of the structure of DNA himself, and a very fine and funny
companion he is too.

……..Also, let’s see, Dave Stewart, Dan Aykroyd, Robin Williams, George
Lucas, Gina Gershon, Harry Shearer, Robbie Robertson, Tracey Ulman, Meg
Ryan, etc. etc.  Oh you wouldn’t be interested. It was a fabulous fantastic
weekend party given by Paul Allen, who unbelievably and unforgettably took
us all to St. Petersburg where we were entertained royally in that amazingly
beautiful city. We flew in to Helsinki, where we walked around and shopped
and then got on a boat which took us overnight across the Baltic to St.
Petersburg. Now this is the way to travel……”

(Also see more details about that trip in this article…

“Calling All Czars: Ersatz Romanov Paul Allen Summons Subjects to Throwback
Party” by Landon Thomas Jr.)

(Just a few more details about the trip….)
The invitations were delivered to guests in a gold-embossed wooden box,
covering a delicate faux Faberge egg.

(I’m sure the fact that mine never came was just an oversight…..)
Once having accepted the invite—guests were flown to Helsinki, Finland
soon to be escorted to their own deluxe private suite aboard a luxury liner headed for St. Petersburg, Russia.
They were then treated to various trips and luxuries throughout the tour, including a
day long sauna retreat on a nearby island, museum visits, a helicopter tour
of the city and the opportunity to shoot  AK 47’s  and “a variety of other
handguns formerly used by the KGB” at a Russian shooting range. The party
culminated in an “unforgettable” evening’s festivities in the form of a gala

But wait, there’s more!

This time let’s try something different and connect John Cleese with everyone we’ve talked about in this blog so far…..(For an additional Paul Allen connection, just add two–or less).

O.k.–here goes…..


John Cleese and Eric Idle were Monte Python co-stars.

Eric Idle and James Watson  were on the Russia trip together.

James Watson  co-discovered structure of DNA with Francis Crick.


John Cleese and Eric Idle were Monte Python co-stars.

Eric Idle was on the Russia trip with Dave Stewart.

Nelson Mandela asked Dave Stewart to write a song for a 2004 AIDS benefit concert. (See Answers to Nelson Mandela)


John Cleese starred with Jamie Lee Curtis in the movie “A Fish Called Wanda.”

Jamie Lee Curtis is the daughter of Tony Curtis and actress Janet Leigh  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0671668/

Janet Leigh starred in a number of movies, but was also on a game show called “Password” entitled “Janet Leigh vs. Peter Lawford,” with, of course, actor Peter Lawford.

Peter Lawford was John F. Kennedy’s brother in law (he married JFK’s sister, Pat Kennedy).


John Cleese starred with Jamie Curtis in “A Fish Called Wanda.”

Jamie Curtis also starred in a little known movie, “Queen’s Logic” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102741/ with

……Kevin Bacon

And finally,

John Cleese also starred as the voice of Mercury in the animated movie,

“Valiant” also starred Ewan McGregor (best known as Obi-Wan Kenobi),
but also known as Lincoln Six Echo in the movie, “The Island,”

which co-starred none other than


Of “The Perfect Score.”


O.k…..what do you think about going back in time for the next question—-way, way
back in time, to a within 6 degrees connection to a really famous war hero
from the 1800’s?

(………..and while we’re at it…

….let’s throw in an early American President from that time–one who has the
distinction of being known as the most obscure and best-looking U.S.
President in history.)*1

Stay Tuned……

*1(To Messer’s  Clinton and Bush—Sorry if you guys thought you were the
best looking.)