Or should I say, “bring out your dead!”  Were you THAT bored by the last answer?  I know you all got a little older and you may even feel like running away,  but I promise this next question is sooo easy!


O.k.  This connection is easy because it’s already out there, figured out for you by someone else and posted on the Internet.  I just found the site last week. 

O.k., I’ll give you a hint to make it even easier….think basketball.


What is Paul Allen’s connection to actor John Cleese of Monte Python?

One week and a super-deluxe, hardly-ever-used Salad Shooter awaits you………….*


(*Or should I say, awaits the first person who answers correctly. There’s only one Salad Shooter, so you guys are going to have to fight over it:-). I know…….sorry!)