Are you guys ready for a new question?

(Sorry about the prizes.  I’d love to give you all an Ipod, but that slightly used Salad Shooter is really cluttering up my garage, and I just have to get rid of it:-).

O.k., so here we go…..

How do the following numbers relate to Microsoft Co-founder, Paul Allen?

1) 8080

2) 1975

3) 8800

4) 2+2=4

5) 414 ft.

6) 1986

7) 10/04/04

8) 3 people 62 miles 2 times within 14 days

9) Question 9 is for people who have too much time on their hands:-). If you are not one of them, skip down to question 10. 

Evaluate for X if X = 8080

X minus 3200

Divide that by 10

Divide that by 6

Multiply that by 3

Add 756

Take the cube root of what’s left

Multiply it by four

And then square it.

What is the value of X?

10) 1600

Extra credit question:       34-14

Answers to follow in one week.  Good luck!