More Answers….. 

O.k.———-So the last question was this: What is Microsoft Co-founder, Paul Allen’s connection to:

Scientist, Sir Francis Crick


Statesman—Nelson Mandela ???

Answer #1: Scientist Sir Francis Crick and Statesman Nelson Mandela, both Nobel
Peace Prize winners, have within at least a 2-degree connection
to Microsoft Co-founder, Paul Allen.

Today let’s start with Sir Francis……….–(No, he didn’t star in “The Perfect Score:)”  

See….. and 

Francis Crick and fellow scientist, 

1)       James Watson, together with Maurice Wilkins, discovered the structure of DNA in 1953*.

James Watson (and possibly Francis Crick himself) have been guests at
Mr. Allen’s parties on more than one occasion.

2)       But in 2003, Mr. Watson was also asked to be the Senior Advisor to Paul Allen’s Institute for Brain Science. 

 See…. 2003,

Allen donated $100 million dollars to fund the Allen Institute for Brain Science, a nonprofit research center in Seattle. The program is designed to study which brain cells underlie certain neurological functions, such as thoughts and feelings, memory and how we learn. The information may someday lead to cures for Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis and other diseases.

 James Watson has been the Senior Advisor to that Institute since 2003. 

Just a little more trivia and some minor speculation…..(for those who have nothing better to do….:-) 

*1953, the year that Mr. Crick and Mr. Watson discovered the structure of DNA, was the year that Paul Allen was born.

 Also,  Francis Crick wrote a book called, “Life Itself,” which introduced a theory of Evolution called “Panspermia”—basically that “the basic genetic structure of bacterial DNA was seeded from outer space.”** 

See….one discussion of that theory at: 


and more information about Panspermia at: 

and : 

Now, here is where the speculation comes in…..:-) 

There is no evidence that Allen believes in Panspermia, however he is a strong proponent of the theory of Evolution and took great interest in his Vulcan Productions’ PBS series, “Evolution.” 

And, this may be stretching it a bit, but what the heck!:-)  

He also wrote a song, “Gardens of Stone” (that can be found on his Grown Men CD at, and it has the following lyrics:

 “Falling Star, you have come to earth, and you are home at last.

Falling Star, you have brought us here, out of the past….” 

Hmmm…. Who is “Falling Star?” Could this be a nod to Crick? 

Stay tuned for Nelson Mandela…….