Singing the Blues—Answers to  The Blues Brothers 

If you haven’t already guessed, Paul Allen is a prolific and some say, pretty talented, guitarist who performs more often for fun onstage than most professional musicians perform for money. 

 In addition to jamming with Kevin Bacon, he has performed (mostly at private parties) with a lot of famous rock stars, including Mick Jagger, Peter Gabriel, Carlos Santana, Dave Stewart, Robbie Robertson and Leonard Skynard, to name a few.  

The same goes for performing with Blues musicians, and he has either jammed with a Blues Brothers cast member or has performed with someone who has jammed with someone who starred in that movie. There are quite a few second degree connections between Paul Allen and The Blues

 But probably the closest connection between Paul Allen and “The Blues Brothers” movie is:  

1) Blues Brother and long time friend Dan Aykroyd, AKA the star of the movie, “Elwood Blues”. 

Aykroyd and Allen have been good friends for years. They take vacations together, including a recent summer trip to Durban, South Africa where Aykroyd is thinking about opening up another House of Blues, a chain of restaurants that he owns. 

 Allen and Aykroyd perform together—a lot—-including one gig performing for players and fans at an exclusive Superbowl afterparty on Feb. 5, 2006, the day that Paul Allen’s Seattle Seahawks played in the Superbowl.  Paul Allen, Dan Aykroyd, Dave Stewart and even Seahawks Defensive Tackle Craig Terrill took turns jamming on stage together, trying to cheer up the crowd who had rooted for Seattle to win the XL trophy this year. See….  

But Allen plays for more than just parties.  He also has a rock band which has opened several of Dan Aykroyd’s House of Blues franchises. He and his band performed at the opening of the House of Blues in Las Vegas in 1999 and also performed at the HOB that opened last year in Atlantic City.  

Aykroyd also hosted Paul’s 50th birthday party at the famous Sunset Strip House of Blues in L.A., on January 24th, 2003, a day which also happened to be other Blues Brother, John Belushi’s  (AKA “Jake Blues”)  birthday.  

You may not have known this, but Congress declared 2003 The Year of the Blues in honor of  the 100th anniversary of the Blues in America. The initiative was backed by Robert Santelli, the Experience Music Project Director at the time, on behalf of —none other than Paul Allen!  

The government gave you the Blues in 2003 if you lived in the U.S., whether you liked it or not! (Maybe you already knew that:-). 

One more bit of trivia about January 24th, 2003.  “The Return of the Blues Brothers,” a sequel to “The Blues Brothers,” was filmed at that exact location–the HOB on the Sunset Strip— on that exact date, January 24th—8 years earlier.   

So now that you’ve learned waaaaay more than you ever wanted to know about Paul Allen and Dan Aykroyd (and the Blues), here are a few more connections that Paul Allen has to the movie, “The Blues Brothers”……

 Here goes……

John Belushi (Jake Blues)– Among other connections,

     1) John Belushi
      starred in the movie, “Continental Divide,” which was directed by

     2) Michael Apted.
Apted also directed  Inspirations” and “Me & Isaac Newton,” both produced by

Vulcan Productions, Paul Allen’s independent film company.
Ray Charles

1) Ray Charles

 wrote the song  “Hard Times” for the movie, “Eric Clapton, 24 nights“*
which also included

       2)       Buddy Guy 
 Who regularly performs with Paul Allen, onstage, including at Jimi Hendrix’ 60th Anniversary party in November of 2002 and the recent opening of The House of Blues in Atlantic City.

*Or        2) Eric Clapton,       
who obviously starred in “Eric Clapton, 24 Nights.”  Eric was in “ The Band” with 
               3) Robbie Robertson, 

who is another very good friend of Allen’s and who has
many personal and professional ties to him.

 Carrie Fisher– 

1) Carrie Fisher is a good friend of Paul Allen’s.  She was invited to Bill Gates’ secret birthday party in Juneau, Alaska, a guest of Allen’s in 1998. Princess Leah (”Star Wars”) is reported to have taken Allen under her wing and befriended him when he first came on the Hollywood scene.  

And last but not least….. 

Aretha Franklin (Mrs. Murphy) “the Queen of Soul”

1) Aretha Franklin

sang  “Chain of Fools” in the recent movie, “In Good Company”


2)  Scarlett Johansson, who also starred in–you guessed it–

The Perfect Score” (see question #1) 

(And to answer your next question: Yes, I really AM sure that I have a life:-)……..