Tonight Kevin Bacon will be performing onstage—with Paul Allen on guitar…..

 Before I give you the answers to the last 2 movie questions, I wanted to give you the cite for the article(s) I read about Kevin Bacon and Paul Allen performing onstage aboard Paul’s yacht during the Cannes Film Festival.

I guess that everything IS within 6 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon!:-)

From the article:

“Meanwhile, Paul Allen hosted his second yacht party of the festival onboard Octopus, where earlier in the week he’d entertained the crowd by playing guitar with Kevin Bacon.”


From and the magazine “WWD” 5/20/05 “Fashion Scoops: Around Cannes—Auction, Action, Oprah Go Bra” —

Also see this:

Captain’s table  

Allen is renowned for his lavish onboard parties for guests such as Peter Mandelson and Steven Spielberg, who attended his New Year’s Eve party this year off St Barts. He also threw two parties in Cannes this year, at the first of which he played the guitar with Kevin Bacon.”

From “The Evening Standard,” London, England 8/5/05 Byline: Eloise Napier (& Highbeam)

(Answers for the 2 movie connections to follow within the next few days……)