So the prizes didn’t jazz you, eh?:-)

O.k., so here are the answers:

The simplest connection between Paul Allen and “The Perfect Score” is:

1) Darius Miles.

Miles is a talented guy, an actor who not only starred in that movie, but who also plays (at least for the time being) for the Portland Trailblazers, a basketball team owned by none other than Microsoft Co-founder, Paul Allen.

A little bit of trivia before I go into Paul’s connection with the cast of “The Perfect Score.” Maybe Paul didn’t always turn in all of his homework in High School, but he did get a 1600—a perfect score—-on the SAT’s. His score was reportedly 10 points higher than his friend, Bill Gates, who got a 1590.

O.k.—a few other, more tenuous connections:


Brian Roberts:

1) Brian Roberts directed the movie, “The Perfect Score”

2) He also directed “Radio,” which starred Debra Winger

3) Debra Winger was in “Urban Cowboy,” co-starring with John Travolta.

4) John Travolta was in “The Punisher” co-starring with Laura Harring.*

5) Paul Allen is said to be romantically linked with Laura Harring.

*(Debra Winger also co-starred in the movie, “Legal Eagles” with actress Daryl Hannah. Laura Harring is said to have replaced Hannah for the role of Twyla in her new movie, “The King”).

I’m sure there are more connections there, but let’s move on to the next cast member…

Mark Hyman:

Mark Hyman was one of the writers of the story, “The Perfect Score”

1) He also was one of the writers of “Meet the Fockers.”

2) Ben Stiller, who starred in “Meet the Fockers,” also starred as “Alex, the Lion” in Dreamworks’ “Madagascar.”

3) Paul is the largest shareholder of Dreamworks.

Erika Christensen:

1) They were both born in Seattle


1) She starred in “Traffic,” which was directed by Steven Soderbergh.

 2) Soderbergh was the Executive Producer for “Far From Heaven.”

 3) The movie  “Far From Heaven” was made by Vulcan Productions, Paul Allen’s independent film company.

(Trivia—Erika also starred in a movie entitled–“Six Degrees”)

Scarlett Johansson

1) Scarlett Johansson has been seen as one of the popular celebrities to have partied at “The Hospital” in Covent Garden, London. The Hospital is a creative arts production and social networking hot spot for the glitterati elite in Europe. It was founded by Paul Allen and his good friend, Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics a few years ago.

More connections, of course, but let’s move on…..

Leonardo Lam:

1) Will be starring in a movie called “The American Pastime”

2) The “American Pastime” is produced by ShadowCatcher Entertainment

3) ShadowCatcher also produced “Game 6” starring Robert Downey Jr.

4) Robert Downey Jr. is another guy like Kevin Bacon who sang on stage aboard the Octopus, with Paul Allen accompanying on guitar.  In fact, rumor has it that Downey was the main attraction one night at a Cannes party on the Octopus—so much so that Kid Rock, who hopped up to join the group was politely asked by Mr. Allen to leave the stage.

There’s more, of course—possibly an infinite–or at least very large— number of connections to every one of the cast members. I would go on, but I have a life (I know—-you’re surprised…:-).

I know I’ve fudged the Kevin Bacon game a little, but I’m trying to be creative with the connections—and since this is my game, I get to make the rules, you know?:-)
So let’s move on to question #2………………….

2) “The Blues Brothers”